Clean lenses: 4 tips for cleaning your glasses. What do microfiber cloths, ultrasonic baths and co. really do?

Always have a clear view: That’s what all spectacle wearers want. But raindrops, grease stains or dust often cloud the view. It is not uncommon for the T-shirt to be used as an improvised cleaning cloth. However, this can easily scratch the lenses if there are coarse dust fibers on the fabric, for example. The following article explains which 4 cleaning options are more suitable.

1. washing-up liquid and water

The most effective way to remove streaks and dust from your glasses is to clean them with water. To do this, lather up some pH-neutral washing-up liquid between your fingers and rub it into the lenses. Then rinse off the foam with water. The glasses can then be polished dry with a kitchen towel or microfiber cloth.

Tip: Make sure that the water is only lukewarm, as water that is too hot can damage the sensitive anti-reflective and hard sealing layers of the lenses.

2. glasses cleaning cloth

Damp glasses cleaning cloths are a great way to clean your glasses on the go. They contain grease-dissolving substances and prevent the lenses from fogging up quickly. It is best to remove coarse stains with the still folded cloth before unfolding it and wiping the entire surface of the lenses and the frame with it.

Tip: Unfortunately, these disposable cloths produce a lot of waste, which is bad for the environment. An alternative can be a glasses cleaning spray that you spray onto a cloth, which you then use to clean the glasses.

3. microfiber cloth

You can use a microfiber cloth to clean your glasses without a cleaning spray. It is great for polishing away coarse dust and streaks. However, you should remember to wash the microfiber cloths regularly: at a maximum of 40 °C and without fabric softener.

Tip: You can get a microfiber cloth for your glasses from your optician (usually free of charge).

4. ultrasonic bath

An ultrasonic cleaning device removes dirt and bacteria from objects such as front door keys or silver jewelry in just a few minutes. Glasses can also be cleaned in it. To do this, place them in the liquid and wait a few minutes. You can then wipe the glasses dry with a microfiber cloth.

Tip: If you don’t want to buy an ultrasonic cleaning device, you can use the (free) cleaning service at your optician.

Note: It is best to store your glasses in a hard case when you are not wearing them. This protects them from damage and dirt.

With these four cleaning options, there is certainly something for everyone. Which method do you prefer to use to clean your glasses?