Make an Extra Stove With a Simple Can: The Ingenious Trick That Saves…

The pandemic taught us a lot. Locked up, we had to think about survival, disinfection, exercise. Building a first aid or basic needs kit has become a necessity. Anything can happen to you at home, while hiking, and even in your car! So much for planning! Here’s a trick you can use to wait for the tow truck or first aid in the winter without fear of being cold.

Naturally anticipatory or not, a survival kit tucked into your vehicle is a gesture that is reassuring and can save lives. Especially if you’ve decided to take your health into your own hands to exercise in the midst of nature. Hiking is by far the best kind: walkable without too much equipment, pleasant and exotic. The booster stove is heavy and requires expensive refilling. The “can stove” is light, economical (the price of two sodas and a few drops of fuel). It is also very compact, easy to make in a few minutes.

How to make your survival stove?

Turn a can into a reliable, economical and stable survival stove

The method was invented in 1904 by an American scout troop using tin cans, that is, if the stove is not in its infancy. Even if its performance is moderate, it can easily and quickly heat hot water or a dish.

What do you need to make your survival stove?

The aluminum and the bottom of a beverage can serve as the container. The absorbent cotton, the few drops of rubbing alcohol are probably already at home. A bit of strong tape and you’re done. For tools, bring a cutter, scissors (optional).

For a survival stove, a few minutes is all it takes

One important precaution: be careful with the cut aluminum, you could hurt yourself on the sharp edges.

  • Mark 4 inches on the height of the cans, from the bottom to the opening.
  • Use the cutter to separate the bottom from the rest of the can.
  • In one of the obtained parts and around the base, which will serve as a pedestal, use scissors to drill small holes at even intervals, so that the result resembles the burner of a gas stove.
  • Put cotton (here makeup remover) and pour the 2 tablespoons of methylated spirits.
  • Attach the two metal parts into each other.
  • Put tape around the seam to seal it.
  • Do the same with the part that will become the burner.
  • Set up your furnace, which is now ready for use.

Some precautions you should take when using your survival stove

Like all utensils that contain a fuel, the stove should not be placed next to flammable materials. Your auxiliary burner should not be used at home or in your vehicle. Also, when using it outdoors, plan something to turn it off in the second in case of a problem. Be careful and responsible with children, they sometimes like to “play with fire”. Finally, never let the stove out of your sight.

Think survival is good, environment and recycling are better

One day your stove will not be used! The aluminum parts go into the can collection tray. The same goes for the “leftovers” of your furnace. The wadding and tape go into selective sorting. Of course, do not neglect your stove in the midst of nature, because it is not biodegradable and can harm fauna and flora.

Far from being a simple gadget, the recycled aluminum survival stove will serve you well, my readers. It will bring you a little more comfort. Those who have tried it, do not do without it! Children will also appreciate the fact that with a little imagination and two fingers skills you can make a useful, inexpensive and really effective object.