Selling a used mobile phone is a practical solution to get rid of your old phone while offering other users a more eco-friendly purchasing option. Here, you’ll find information on the points to consider.

In UK, there are nearly 200 million old mobile phones lying around unused. This was revealed by a survey conducted in 2020 by the professional association Bitkom. This figure has doubled over the course of five years.

Instead of hoarding still-functioning mobile phones in a drawer, you can also sell your old phone. You won’t become rich, of course, but it will allow other people to buy a new mobile phone at a lower cost and in an environmentally friendly manner. After all, another person thereby extends the lifespan of your phone and doesn’t need to buy a new one.

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How and Where Can You Sell a Used Mobile Phone?

If you want to sell a used mobile phone, you have several options:

  • Used electronics platforms (e.g., Clevertronic, Myswooop, Refurbed, or Rebuy): You can sell mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and other used devices relatively easily. You often don’t need to take a photo of your phone or type a description yourself. Instead, a photo is used from the platform’s product database. Instead of the description, you only need to enter the most important data about your phone. Some platforms even offer free shipping.
  • Local stores: Instead of offering your mobile phone online, you can also sell it to mobile phone shops or electronic device repairers in your area.
  • Online selling or auctions: You can also sell a used mobile phone on eBay, classified ads, and other similar used portals. This is often more complicated because you have to take photos, write descriptions, and take care of shipping or pickup. However, it can potentially earn you more money. In this case, make sure to indicate the correct product designation for the phone in question to avoid any misunderstanding.
  • Return to the manufacturer: Some companies offer to take back old mobile phones themselves.

Selling a Used Mobile Phone: What You Should Do Before

If you want to sell a used mobile phone, you must ensure that it is in an acceptable condition and that all your personal data has been erased. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Cleaning: Start by cleaning the exterior of the phone. You can use a glasses cleaning cloth for this purpose.
  • Checking functionality: Before selling the mobile phone, turn it on again and make sure it actually works. It may work a little slower, but it must be in perfect working order. If your phone is no longer functional, you can give it away and have it recycled.
  • Data wipe: Back up to the cloud or download important data like photos from the smartphone. Remove the SIM card from the mobile phone and reset it to factory settings. Then, make sure once again that you have truly erased all your personal data.
  • Checking the battery: Do not send the battery separately. It must be securely fixed in the casing to avoid any risk. If you’re selling your phone to a portal, follow their instructions.
  • Packaging: It’s best to send and sell a used mobile phone in its original packaging. If you no longer have it, you can use alternative packaging. However, make sure it adequately protects the phone.