The shape of the foot is not insignificant. It is capable of revealing many things about a person’s character, health, and state of mind. Indeed, the shape of a foot, specifically that of the toes, can unveil the personality and character traits of an individual.

There are three foot shapes: Greek, Egyptian, and square.

Egyptian Foot:

  • Most common foot type.
  • Characterized by a big toe larger than the other toes.

Greek Foot:

  • The big toe is smaller than the second toe, which is more prominent and longer than all other toes.

Square Foot:

  • The four front toes are aligned.

What does the length of our toes reveal about our character? Does it have any correlation with our lineage? Several studies have demonstrated the relationship between toe shape and lineage, revealing the meaning of each type of toe.

This Is What Your Toes Reveal About Your Personality

In an article on toe length, the author Jane Sheehan stated, “It’s about analyzing the structure, texture, and imbalances of the feet to understand someone’s emotions and personality.” In The UK’s Telegraph, she puts forth the following:

  1. Second Toe Longer than Others: This indicates leadership qualities. Great personalities from ancient Egyptian and Hawaiian royal dynasties all had long second toes. A person with the second toe longer than others is active, sporty, and creative. They enjoy movement and possess great abilities to inspire those around them.
  2. Regular Foot with Third Toe Forming an Angle: People with this type of toe have a natural ability to deceive and tend to be misunderstood. This type of toe is frequently found in spies. A person with this type of foot has an extroverted and social personality, always ready to travel, explore new cultures, and undertake unusual intellectual experiences.
  3. Very Small Little Toe: Indicates a childlike character with a great sense of playfulness.
  4. Second Toe of the Left Foot Bending Towards the Big Toe: This type of toe indicates a nostalgic and sentimental nature. Hollywood actor Reece Witherspoon has this type of foot.
  5. Little Toe Pointing Like an Angle: Jane Sheehan finds that this style of foot indicates an unconventional nature. Being able to move the little toe signifies restlessness and a constant need for change.

The length of toes is a subject that has intrigued many on the web. Juan Ma became passionate about this topic to the point of dedicating several hours to research. The result is as follows:

  • The human genome determines several physical factors such as skin, hair, eye color, body shape, and limbs’ shape, ranging from baldness to certain diseases.
  • Human morphology is an inheritance.
  • Other studies have revealed endemic tribal and family characteristics, such as the lack of fingerprints, for example, among the Basque people.
  • We must consider the mix of origins since almost all races have mixed in the last 500 years. Very few lineages have remained “pure.”

Egypt is in Africa, so for those with African origins, it is advisable to check for the Egyptian toe type.

Some may wonder why Hispanic and Asian feet are not included in the table, but the answer is evident. All people of Hispanic or Asian origin are not the same. For example, Spanish roots are valid for both Spain and Mexico. Would the feet of a South Korean be the same as those of a Chinese or Japanese?

Juan Ma claims his lineage is Russian, Polish, Spanish, and Italian. Yet, according to the table, the shape of his feet indicates he belongs to the Greek lineage.