Is there anything you can do to make painkillers work faster? Yes, there is. If you lie on your right side and follow a few tips when taking them, painkillers work up to 10 times faster.

Whether it’s a headache or limb pain, the faster a painkiller works, the better. You can influence this with a few tricks. For example, painkillers work 10 times faster if you lie on your right side. But there are other things to consider when taking a painkiller.

When taking painkillers, lie on your right side

For the painkiller to take effect quickly, you need to lie on your right side. The time it takes for a painkiller to take effect strongly depends on your posture. According to a study by Johns Hopkins University (USA), a painkiller works 10 times faster if you lie on your right side than on your left. An ibuprofen or aspirin tablet relieves pain after just 10 minutes. If you lie on your left side, it takes about 100 minutes. For that matter, if you stand up, it takes about 23 minutes.

This is what’s behind it

To be effective, the painkiller must reach the duodenum. If you lie on your right side, the active ingredient glides more quickly into your stomach: gravity, stomach contraction and gastric juice work perfectly together. You should therefore lie on the couch first after taking a painkiller.

More tips for a rapid effect

In addition to posture, other factors influence the speed with which painkillers take effect. If you want to get rid of your headache quickly, proceed as follows:

  • Take the analgesic a few minutes before eating.
  • Swallow the tablet with a glass of water.
  • Prefer drops or effervescent tablets, as these are absorbed more quickly by the mucous membranes.

Maximum 4 consecutive days

Make sure you never take painkillers for more than four consecutive days. And a maximum of 10 pieces per month. If taken in excess, painkillers can lead to chronic pain. In addition, permanent organ damage is possible. If you have common complaints, talk to your doctor.

Painkillers can save you a lot of suffering. The faster they work, the better you’ll recover. Nevertheless, you should always handle medicines very responsibly and only take them when really necessary.