What is the link between coffee and personality?…

According to a study, coffee reveals personality. Black coffee lovers therefore often have a dark character.

You are what you eat – or rather: what you drink! This is the conclusion of a study from the University of Innsbruck, which demonstrates a clear link between taste preferences and character characteristics. Black coffee lovers therefore tend to have a darker personality.

Study: what coffee reveals about personality

Are you more of a latte macchiato type, who sweetens their hot drink with syrup? Or do you always drink your coffee black as night?

Tastes are different, it is well known. But why is this so? A study from the University of Innsbruck has found a surprising explanation: Our taste is linked to our personality! The way we prefer to drink our coffee therefore allows us to know how we function deep down.

Particularly social or rather hostile?

The team of researchers conducted two studies at the same time. In the first study, scientists found that people who prefer sweets are often particularly social, friendly and considerate. There were certainly exceptions, but the general trend was clear.

The researchers then wanted to check whether the link between taste and personality could also be established the other way around. And indeed: people who prefer bitter and harsh tastes are more likely to have dark character traits and to be hostile.

The “milk and sugar” fraction is therefore significantly more benevolent towards others. On the other hand, those who prefer to drink their coffee black and unsweetened judge those around them more harshly, think more negatively and are rather hostile. This trend even applies to “black drinkers” who work in social professions – tough skin can sometimes help there.

What is the connection between coffee and personality?

Why is this so? For the moment, the team of researchers can only make hypotheses on this subject. On the one hand, one could imagine that addiction to bitter food and drink has direct effects on personality: The more one becomes accustomed to bitterness, the darker the soul becomes. “Never offer broccoli or chicory to children” would be the consequence.

Another possibility is that people who are harsh towards others are also harsh towards themselves. Because in fact, human beings have a genetic aversion to bitter substances. Already in the womb, babies grimace when their mother eats bitter things. In nature, bitterness is often a warning sign. It is only through our socialization that we become accustomed to this aversion.

On the other hand, evolution has given all human beings, from birth, a certain preference for sweet foods. This ensured that our body had sufficient energy intake. Breast milk therefore has a high sugar content.

Those who prefer their coffee mild and sweet therefore give in to this original desire – and better understand the needs for warmth and security of those around them. The black coffee drinker, for his part, takes pleasure in hardening himself – and hardening those around him.

Look into the coffee cup more often

Taste is a complicated thing. Genes lay the foundations, to which are added cultural and family eating habits. Finally, taste changes with age. And mood also has an influence on our perception of taste: People in love are much more open to culinary experiences than people who are anxious.

Ultimately, our individual penchant for certain tastes, like sweet or bitter, is hidden in our personality. It is therefore worth looking into the coffee cup of your interlocutor more often.