5 tips to keep spiders out of your home…

Spiders belong to the arachnid family. They like to take refuge in every corner of the house and appear at any time of day. You’ll see them coming out of every corner of the house. You’ll want to do everything you can to get rid of them. Here’s an inexpensive and effective way to do just that!

Although some people believe that killing spiders means bad luck, you’ll be convinced that they’re much better off away from home. The following natural and practical methods can be used to prevent the intrusion of these unwelcome pests.

What’s the trick to getting rid of spiders?

Although their presence in our homes is not appreciated, we have to admit that spiders are an excellent weapon against insects living in the home. However, certain species can be the source of many phobias. With this ingredient, you can get rid of them once and for all.

  • Lemon essential oil

If you have a phobia of spiders, lemon will be your best ally. Thanks to this popular ingredient, it’s possible to prepare a home remedy. To avoid chemicals, we recommend using this natural product, which acts as a repellent against spiders invading your home. Simply mix a tablespoon of lemon or citronella essential oil in a liter of water. Shake the mixture, then use a spray bottle to apply the liquid to areas frequented by spiders, particularly in the main corners of the house (windows, air vents, etc.). Lemon peel can also be used as a natural spider repellent. You can rub them on your shelves, cupboards and doors before placing them in certain corners such as windowsills. You can also spray other essential oils, such as mint or lavender oil, which are effective and environmentally friendly. You can even add a few drops of two or three essential oils to your repellent.

The invasion of spiders often coincides with the change of season. Females seek shelter from low temperatures, while males join them to mate. Although it’s difficult to escape the phenomenon, it is possible to chase away these unwanted little creatures by following these other simple tips.

  • White vinegar to combat spiders

White vinegar is renowned for its many properties, not least in the fight against garden insects. It’s a real spider repellent: simply spray a mixture of water and white vinegar to keep them away from your home. You can apply it to openings around windows and doors, and anywhere else spiders might hide. In fact, the acetic acid in this product gives off an odor that spiders don’t like at all. The product can also burn pests if they come into contact with the liquid.

  • Chestnuts

Spiders hate the smell of chestnuts and chestnut wood. Simply take a few with you and place them in important corners of your home. Consider first cutting them in half with their beetle for greater effectiveness. This trick is effective if you don’t want to kill spiders. It keeps them away from your house and prevents them from coming back. Chestnut branches can also be placed near windows.

  • Mosquito nets, an effective spider trap

Installing mosquito nets seems to be the solution for keeping spiders out of your home. Install this device on windows to limit their appearance, and it can be installed in any opening in the house. With this trick, you’ll not only keep spiders out, but also mosquitoes, wasps and even flies.

Tomato leaves to repel spiders

Like chestnut leaves, you can use tomato leaves to repel these notorious creatures and keep them out of your home. All you have to do is scatter a few around your home.

Spiders are often a nuisance. So it’s a good idea to get rid of them in a natural and practical way. Note that by eliminating a spider, you also eliminate a potential hunter from your home!