Does Bottled Water Go Toxic? Water Expiration Dates…

It is always good to read the labels of all products you buy at the supermarket, including expiration dates to avoid unpleasant surprises. Even bottled water has an expiration date present on the plastic or glass package. So, water is also one of those products that cannot be consumed “forever.” The expiration date of bottled water is usually between 1 and 3 years from bottling and also depends on the material (plastic or glass) and the manufacturer.

Bottled water, beware If you see this on the label, don’t drink it!

On the packages of water we buy, you can read, usually on the cap or on a part of the bottle, “best before” and the date (month and year) by which it is recommended to consume that water. This is not a categorical expiration date like the one we find on many food labels, “Best Before”.

In fact, it is not the water that expires, but the fact that it is inside a material such as plastic that over time can expose certain health risks and that is why it should be consumed by a certain date.

Bottled water, if it has expired do not drink it. It can be contaminated with chemicals!

We know, that over time, plastic can release chemicals into bottled water. This poses a serious health risk. In fact, there are some studies done in 2018 that have shown how chemicals can migrate from plastic bottles into the water contaminating it, such as antimony and bisphenol A.

If these substances are ingested every day, they tend to accumulate in the body, creating problems and the development of diseases in the gut, lungs, and immune system. Another factor that could accelerate the release of these harmful substances is the exposure of water bottles to heat. In fact, studies have shown how high temperatures can promote not only increased exposure to these substances, but also increased bacterial growth.

When buying bottled water (especially like most of those found in the supermarket), it is a good idea to always store them in a cool place out of direct sunlight. One should avoid keeping bottles for a long time in the heat in the car in summer or on the balcony at home. These good habits can promote proper water conservation and reduce the risk of ingesting substances that are harmful to health.

In addition, another feature to consider is that carbonated water once expired may become smooth and thus lose the bubble effect, which then characterizes this product. Alarming results, on the other hand, regarding mineral water. According to a recent German test, trace amounts of heavy metals were found in many American brands.

A good choice is to drink tap water if it is good and drinkable so as to avoid drinking bottled water. But if we cannot help but buy it, at least it is advisable to choose those in glass bottles, which are much safer and more hygienic.