How to Clean a Blanket to Keep It Soft…

Cozy sofa covers are in constant use during the cold season. Small stains from snacks and drinks are therefore not uncommon. That’s why you need to wash your comforter regularly. Don’t worry – with the right advice, it stays soft and supple even after machine washing.

If you follow a few rules, washing a comforter is anything but complicated. For delicate blankets made from merino wool, wool, cashmere or natural fibers, you must follow the care label instructions to the letter. For easy-care blankets, however, which are generally made from synthetic fibers, you can refer to the following instructions.

How to clean a blanket to keep it soft: 5 tips

1. Correct washing program

It’s best to choose a gentle program for washing your sofa blanket. Wool, easy-care or delicate programs are suitable for this purpose.

2. temperature and speed

To protect the blanket during washing, set the wash temperature low (max. 40°C) and the spin speed low (max. 800 rpm). This will ensure that your blanket stays soft even after washing.

3. choose the right detergent

To preserve the fibers of your sofa blanket, it’s best to use a delicate detergent. It makes no difference whether you use liquid or powder detergent.

4. Don’t use fabric softener when washing your comforter

If you want your comforter to stay soft after machine washing, it’s essential not to use fabric softener. Fabric softener can knot the fibers to such an extent that the blanket will no longer be soft after washing. You can, however, replace fabric softener with vinegar. Simply pour 30 ml of vinegar into the fabric softener compartment before starting the wash cycle.

5. dry your sofa cover properly

It’s best to let your cozy blanket air-dry, not tumble-dry. Not only is this more environmentally friendly, it also protects the delicate fibers of your blanket.

Washing a comforter: treating stains beforehand

Large stains or soiling must be pre-treated before washing. This is best done with warm water and a mild detergent, applied to the affected areas with a sponge. To pre-treat stains, you can also use gall soap or baking soda. Then wash your blanket as described above.
If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to enjoy a soft blanket for a long time to come. Are you a real winter freak? Then here you’ll find 10 products to help you get through the cold season.