How to Wash a Down Jacket in the Washer…

Machine-wash down jackets – that’s what you’ll learn in this step-by-step guide. Down jackets may be warm and cozy, but they’re also fragile. But with the tennis ball trick, the filling remains supple.
Washing a down jacket

With the following tips and tricks, you can wash your down jacket without damaging the fragile down. In fact, once the filling has agglomerated, the down jacket not only loses its volume, but is no longer as warm.

Instructions and tips

You can machine-wash or hand-wash your down jacket. It’s just important to follow a few rules.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. check your down jacket for cracks or holes. These could tear further during washing.
  2. Empty all pockets, close zippers and Velcro fasteners and turn the down jacket inside out.
  3. Observe the care label on your down jacket. Are all materials suitable for machine washing?
  4. Always wash your down jacket separately in the washing machine. In addition, the washing drum must be large enough (capacity of at least 6 kg). This way, the down filling
  5. you pre-treat heavy stains with liquid gall soap.
  6. To wash your down jacket, choose the delicate or wool program at 30°C maximum. In addition, choose the gentle spin cycle (approx. 800 rpm).

A clever tip: add two tennis balls to the washing drum. This aerates the feathers during washing.

7. An additional rinse removes any remaining detergent after washing the down jacket.

Putting the down jacket in the tumble-dryer after washing

Drying is just as important as washing. It’s essential to use a tumble dryer. If you simply hang the wet down jacket up to dry, the down will sink and clump.

  • Set the dryer to 40°C maximum. Drying should not take longer than one hour at a time.
  • If the down jacket is still damp, let it cool before putting it back in the dryer.
  • There are two ways to prevent the down filling from accumulating in certain areas.

How to Wash a Down Jacket in the Washer

Tip 1: stop the dryer briefly after 20 minutes to shake out the jacket.
Tip 2: Put two tennis balls in the dryer too.

Sufficient space, a low washing temperature, the right detergent and the right drying procedure: that’s how to wash a down jacket gently and successfully.