Kitchen roll in the refrigerator: Here are the benefits…

You want your vegetables to last longer and your fridge to get clean faster? With paper towels in the fridge, you can kill two birds with one stone.

Paper towels in the fridge? Sounds weird, but there are some real benefits. Find out here how paper towels not only keep your food fresher, but your fridge cleaner too.

Paper towels are indispensable for many kitchen tasks – from wiping up spilt milk to mopping up meat. It usually finds its place on the worktop or in a kitchen roll holder, but it’s really well placed in the fridge.

Kitchen roll in the fridge: here are the advantages

1. vegetables keep longer

Because of condensation, vegetables and salad quickly become muddy or moldy in the fridge. If you put paper towels in the refrigerator crisper, the moisture is absorbed and the food stays fresh and crisp longer.

Paper towels are also a good help for foods that shouldn’t come into contact with certain other foods during storage. Mushrooms, for example, should be stored separately from leafy vegetables (lettuce, parsley, white cabbage, etc.). To protect them, simply wrap them in a piece of paper towel.

2. the fridge gets clean faster

Another advantage of paper towels in the fridge is that they absorb dirt. Instead of constantly wiping down the fridge or fighting stubborn encrustations on the shelves, you can simply use the paper towel as a carrier, discarding it once it’s dirty and replacing it with fresh paper.

If paper towels are to be used in the refrigerator, however, the following points should be borne in mind:

  • According to the Experts, not all paper towels are suitable for contact with food, as they contain a potentially carcinogenic substance, chlorpropanol 3-MCPD.
  • To protect the environment, it’s best to buy paper towels made from recycled paper. Of course, you can also fall back on tea towels.

Despite all the enthusiasm for this versatile household helper, you should also be aware that there are 9 areas for which the kitchen roll is not suitable. What’s more, there are alternatives to the kitchen roller for many household tasks