It’s not unusual, especially for children, for chewing gum to get into their hair. It’s particularly annoying when you don’t want to lose even a single hair. But don’t worry, before you reach for the scissors, you can try a home remedy.

The best part: you may already have it at home, and you don’t need to go shopping especially for it. Cola can be the solution to this unpleasant problem.

Remove Gum from Hair with Coca-Cola :

If you want to avoid going to the hairdresser, just leave a little Coca-Cola on the affected area so you can then carefully remove the chewing gum. To do this, put a little Coca-Cola in a bowl and dip the affected area in the drink. After a short time, you can try to remove the gum from the hair.

The carbon dioxide and acid contained in this popular drink will dissolve the chewing-gum components. After this “treatment”, you should wash your hair thoroughly again.

Who would have thought that cola would have such an effect on chewing gum in the hair? Did you already know about this trick?