Should you keep your shoes on or take them off during a flight?…

When it comes to air travel, we are not all the same. For some it is a great moment of joy and excitement, for others it is a real source of anxiety and stress. It must also be said that this cocktail of emotions depends on several factors: the distance to be covered, the flight conditions, the attitude of the staff, the weather and even the behavior of the passengers.

Why should you take off your shoes during a flight?

British flight attendant Kris Major, also chairman of the European Transport Workers’ Federation Joint Cabin Crew Committee, knows a lot about the dangers on board a plane. After 24 years of career, it is clear that he has seen it all and that he has had to deal with all kinds of situations, from the most mundane to the most complex. This flight attendant encountered a large number of anxious, nervous, distressing or demanding passengers (alone or accompanied by young children). Whether short journeys or long flights lasting more than 14 hours, he has extensive experience in the aeronautical sector after two decades. He recently revealed a series of tips and secrets linked to food and comfort on board the plane, but also to behavior at altitude. What exactly does Kris Major think of passengers who have the habit of taking off their shoes after takeoff?

In fact, it is common for some passengers to not feel comfortable on the plane at all. Due to stress, annoying noises from other travelers or poor seat ergonomics, they have difficulty relaxing and falling asleep. Of course, it is not easy to sleep well when your posture is uncomfortable and especially when the space is too narrow. Additionally, to find some comfort, many travelers feel more relaxed when they take off their shoes. In fact, this guarantees more comfort on board.

Kris Major isn’t against taking off his shoes per se, he even thinks it’s a good way to feel more comfortable on board. He often encourages passengers to do so: bare feet provide comfort and improve blood circulation. However, this practice can be frowned upon by some and can even become annoying in certain contexts. He explains: “If you want to take off your shoes to enjoy maximum comfort on the plane, you must not neglect your common sense and good manners.” In other words, it is important to take a shower beforehand, wash your feet well and clean them. Wear socks to respect other passengers. Because if your feet don’t smell good, it can quickly become annoying and annoying. “Of course that makes sense! It’s not about stinking up the plane or annoying other travelers.

Airport: Why is it obligatory to take off your shoes at security check?

Nobody likes staying at the airport, sometimes it can even be a real obstacle course! Even though we have absolutely nothing to reproach ourselves for, we still fear the moment of customs and security checks. Between the long lines, the fear of not packaging your products correctly, and the need to take off your jacket, shoes, and jewelry, you strangely feel both stressed and worried. But where does this obligation to take off your shoes really come from?

The main reason for this security measure was the attempted terrorist attack carried out by the British Richard Reid in December 2001. Shortly after the September 11 attacks in the United States, he attempted to detonate a shoe bomb on a Paris flight. -Miami. From then on, the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) immediately introduced this security standard in all American airports: shoe searches became systematic in order to avoid the slightest possible incident. This measure was subsequently adopted in other airports around the world. In 2006, all passengers had to remove their shoes before going through scanners. However, since 2011, the standard has been relaxed slightly to allow children under 12 and adults over 75 to keep their shoes on.