Stay Warm at Home Without a Heater…

A warm and comfortable home in the winter season is the thing that relieves us most from the freezing cold outside. To heat it the right way, one immediately thinks of solutions such as radiators, stoves and whatnot, but all these elements are enemies of saving money. In order to mitigate costs at the end of the month and avoid radiators, let’s look together at all the methods needed to get the house warmed up sooner!

Take advantage of the sun

First and everlasting advice that I cannot help but give you is to make the most of sunlight! This means that on sunny days it is a good idea to open the curtains, especially if you own dark, double-fabric ones, and let the sun’s rays into the house. It is not necessary, of course, to open windows and balconies as well because it will suffice to just let the sunshine in! Doing so will keep the house warm even in the hours after the sun moves in, preventing you from turning on the radiators!

Pay attention to the curtains

We just mentioned curtains and how they play a very important role in heating the house. In fact, you should try not to put them in front of any heating source whether it be windows, balconies, radiators, stoves and whatnot. I recommend, therefore, that you use curtains in light colors so as to “make room” for the sun and from lightweight fabrics always for the same reasons.

Avoid drafts

How bad is that feeling of feeling that trickle of wind penetrating right into your skin? Drafts are one of the worst things to feel, especially when we take heat and make all the effort useless. With this in mind, it would be advisable to check all the doors and fixtures in the house where the wind comes out and put up draft shields using those cloth snakes or even towels rolled horizontally. A more drastic solution if you are in the process of newly building your apartment would be to install modern fixtures that leave no room for wind.

Using rugs

Rugs are a beautiful adornment and touch of style to give in the home! Some people use large ones for the whole living room or rooms and some people choose small ones, but either way they are always very pleasing to the eye. If you also like to have rugs in your home you should know that they are not only great for beautifying the room, but also for warming the house! In fact they retain heat well without letting it penetrate the floor. In case you have radiators, moreover, put a rug underneath and the room will warm up faster!

Closed doors

The most used areas of the house are undoubtedly the living room and the kitchen, unless you perform specific tasks in other rooms such as studying, working or doing household chores. During the times of day when you are not using those specific rooms, I strongly recommend that you keep the doors closed so that heat does not dissipate. The more space you give the heat to expand, the more this will be reduced and you will feel colder.

Use specific blankets

To conciliate sleep during winter, it is absolutely necessary to stay warm and relax properly. This is usually achieved by making immoderate use of heaters that remain, in some cases, even on all night long. Our body is capable of warming itself, so it is simply necessary to use heavier, cold-specific blankets.

In case of radiators

Last advice is in case you necessarily have to turn on the radiators. We have just mentioned the misuse that is made of radiators, so using them moderately will save you money. First of all, always keep the thermostat under control; even one degree more means higher costs on your utility bill. Also program it to turn on and, while it is running in one room, keep all the rest of the doors closed so that all the heat is concentrated and retained well.