A quick glance in the mirror: your hair is in place and your face is radiant – perfect conditions for a selfie! But as soon as you take a closer look at the photo, you want to delete it again. You looked completely different in the mirror just now! Find out what this effect is called and how you can finally take good selfies here.

Why do we like ourselves in the mirror?

We usually like our reflection in the mirror. At least we’ve seen it so often that we’ve gotten used to it. This phenomenon is known as the mere-exposure effect. It means that we find a stimulus better and better over time if we are confronted with it regularly. This is why we always like our reflection in the mirror – we see it several times a day.

Photos, on the other hand, don’t appeal to us

Most selfies are initially taken mirror-inverted, i.e. the way we see ourselves in the mirror. We are used to this view. However, if the photo is turned around or someone else takes a picture of us, we are initially irritated. Even if other people always see us like this, it’s an unfamiliar sight for us.

But you can do something about it: The mere-exposure effect also applies to selfies. To get used to the way you look at yourself and find yourself more beautiful in photos, you should simply have more pictures taken of yourself. Over time, you will also find yourself prettier in them – simply because of the habit.

Mere exposure effect in all situations

The same works with your own voice. As you rarely hear yourself, your own voice can be very unfamiliar and sound “terrible”. The more often we hear ourselves, the greater the habituation effect. This also works with music, food or advertising!
3 tips for the perfect selfie

Top 3 Selfie Tips: How To Take The Perfect Selfie

1. lighting conditions

To take the perfect selfie of yourself, you should first pay attention to the right lighting conditions. Bright daylight is particularly flattering. If this is not possible, make sure you have a frontal light source. However, if the light comes from above or below, it will distort your face. For a good selfie, it’s best to stand directly in front of a window.

2. the right angle

The angle is also crucial for a good photo. If you take a photo from below, your face will look rounder than it actually is. If you hold the camera or your phone too far up, your forehead will be in focus. For the perfect angle, you should hold the camera roughly at eye level. Instead of experimenting with the position of your phone, find the right angle for the camera. Move your face slightly to the left and right to find your best side. Once you’ve found it, you’ll succeed in every picture.

3. many photos

As described above, the best trick is habit. If you only take a selfie every now and then, you won’t immediately think you look beautiful. But if you’re used to seeing your face in photos, you’ll find yourself looking prettier over time. So feel free to try out different lighting, angles and cameras. You’ll soon realize how much better you like the photos of yourself.
Would you have thought that it’s all just habit? The people around you are used to your face and find you pretty, just like you do your reflection. To make sure it’s the same in future: follow these tips and your photos will finally be good – even in your own eyes!