Why You Should Put A Wet Wipe In The Washing Machine…

To make housework more efficient, there are many tips to consider. We show a surprising method, especially by its practicality. Learn why it is advisable to put a damp cloth in the washing machine when washing. When you wash your clothes in the washing machine, you expect them to be clean and in order. But sometimes it happens that the cleanliness of your clothes is affected. There is a way to prevent this kind of damage.

Why You Should Put A Wet Wipe In The Washing Machine?

During the washing process, it is not uncommon for certain garments to transfer pet hair or lint to other garments. We are then in a washing situation that can be considered counterproductive. What if we told you that a simple wet wipe can prevent these bad scenarios? Here’s how to use it to save your clothes:

How do I remove pet hair, dander and lint from clothes with a wet wipe?

If pet hair has gotten into your washing machine, the solution to this problem may lie in a regular wet wipe. This is because this item can attract these contaminants during the wash cycle, making the cycle run smoothly and the clothes come out clean and undamaged. Basically, a damp cloth prevents particles like pet hair or lint from sticking to your clothes during the wash cycle. This makes the wash even more efficient and saves time during the wash. This trick is also recommended for black clothes.

Tips for using a wet wipe during the wash cycle

The first thing you should keep in mind is to never use a wet wipe a second time. You have to apply a new one every time you wash, because the wipe loses its effect after washing. It is also advisable to prefer an amount of 1 to 3 wet wipes per wash. This depends mainly on the amount of laundry items in your washing machine. But in principle, you do not need to exceed three.

Another tip: the ideal wipes should be antibacterial. Prefer them because unlike conventional wet wipes, they do not release any unwanted substances to your items during the washing process.

Which wet wipe is best for machine washing?

Opt for wipes with good durability to ensure they fulfill the role you expect them to play during washing. Strong wipes should not tear easily in your hands. If it is advisable to prefer this resistance, it is because if they are fragile, they will tear in the drum. Also note that they should be free of odors, as they could easily stick to your items. At the end of the wash cycle and when you remove the clothes from your washing machine, you should notice hair and other residue on the pad.  This is a proof of the effectiveness of the technique, as you will get a completely clean garment without pet hair and lint.

Tricks similar to the wet wipe against lint on clothes

As with the wet wipe, these methods are simple ways to avoid lint or pet hair on clothing:

  • Alternative techniques to damp wiping: Wash clothes inside out to avoid lint

This method is preventative. By washing clothes inside out, you combat lint that clings to the fibers of your fabrics.  It’s a simple trick that mitigates damage to items. Discover also the trick that helps get rid of lint in towels.

  • Alternative techniques for damp mopping: Adhesive tape to remove lint

A simple tape can do wonders on a garment covered in lint or pet hair. Simply run the sticky side of the tape over unwanted particles to remove them.

With this machine wash trick, you’ll never look at your laundry with the same eyes after washing it!