7 easy tips to warm up your bedroom in the blink of an eye!…

The assumption that a room warms up more quickly if you turn up the heat is not correct. The temperature setting on the thermostat indicates the temperature to which the room should be heated. However, there are alternative methods for quickly warming a room.

During the cold months, many people forego heating their homes when no one is home in order to save money. It is important to note, however, that the chamber should not be completely cooled, as this would require more energy to reheat it. Whether the heating has been completely turned off or only partially turned down, we want to quickly find comfortable warmth when we return home. With a few smart tips, this process can be completed faster than expected. howtoconserve gives tips on how to quickly warm a room.

7 easy tips to warm up your bedroom in the blink of an eye!

1. close the doors

It is often wrongly believed that the heat must be distributed throughout the apartment so that it is warm everywhere. This is why many do not close bedroom doors. However, this makes little sense for two reasons. On the one hand, it is not necessary to heat all the rooms. The bathroom, kitchen and bedroom are generally not used during the day and therefore should not be heated. On the other hand, a bedroom heats up much more quickly when the bedroom door is closed. Closing the door therefore already saves heating costs.

2. purge the heater

The more air builds up in the radiator, the more energy and time it needs to heat up. This is why it is important to purge the heating regularly. This not only saves energy and money, but also gets rid of annoying noise in the radiator.

3. Avoid drafts

If windows and doors are not properly insulated, drafts will appear. In the long run, these drafts are not only bad for your health, but they also prevent a room from warming up quickly. It is therefore necessary to find possible sources of air currents and repair the areas concerned. Leaky windows can, for example, be fitted with a sealing strip.

4. don’t hide radiators

If you have your sofa in front of the heater, you should consider moving the furniture. With furniture or even curtains, we prevent the air from circulating properly. The consequence is that the hot air from the heater is distributed less well in the room.

5. insulate windows

If you touch a window in winter, you quickly realize that it is icy. To be able to warm the room more quickly, it is possible to provide a little help in this area as well, by insulating the windows. Don’t worry, there is no need to install new or upgrade windows for this. Thick curtains placed in front of the windows already serve as thermal insulation. Insulating film on windows can also be very useful.

6. carpet insulates the floor

As with windows, it is possible to insulate the floor using thick fabrics. In this way, less heat is lost through the ground, which is also pleasant for the feet.

7. Good ventilation is essential

Despite the heat period, you should not give up ventilation. It is necessary to proceed correctly, not only to renew the air, but also to ensure that heat does not escape through the window. In winter, it is advisable to ventilate in bursts or transversally. In this way, the air can be renewed quickly without the rooms becoming cold. On the other hand, leaving windows ajar wastes energy, which increases heating costs. In addition, the ambient air is only slowly renewed.