Do you want to have a really clean broom? Then you need to use this crazy remedy: everyone is really doing it!

Cleaning is a torment for women! Having the house tidy, clean and settled is what we all desire, especially coming back from vacation; but not only the house interests us, also the objects in it.

For example, don’t you ever necessarily have to clean that rag with which you washed the balcony or simply remove hair from the swiffer? Well today we are going to reveal how we can use a crazy method to be able to clean our broom very well without having any more problems with dust and other residues. Let’s find out together and see how we can clean it in no time.

The crazy remedy that everyone is adopting to clean their broom is this: don’t miss it at all!

Our broom is still used in the house and in the garden, although there is already a vacuum cleaner around that helps everyone speed up the work by making it more pleasant and certainly safer. But there are corners of the house where the vacuum cleaner can’t reach and consequently what is needed is the broom! The latter, however, unlike the vacuum cleaner, traps hair and dirt in its bristles, leaving them there without having a chance to remove them.

Unless it is washed; but how? Today we are going to give you a tip on the steps to follow to make our broom look wonderful again, clean, smelling and without any kind of dirt as it was originally. Trust us and you will not find yourself regretting it!

The first thing to do is to remove excess hair and dust. To do this all we have to do is to ‘whisk’ the bristles of the broom toward the railing or on a fairly rough mat, so that everything is removed. Having done this, we try to remove, even with our hands, any hairs that we feel are stuck before moving on to the actual cleaning.

This consists of filling a bucket or basin with lukewarm water, a little dish soap and some baking soda, plunging the broom inside and washing it thoroughly until it is completely clean (we will notice because we will see the water in the basin as black as pitch). Then all we have to do is take it out of the bucket, let it drip a little, and then put it to dry upside down on the balcony or, if we have a garden, in the garden itself. Take it back, so that we can use it, only when it is completely dry, so as to prevent dust and dirt from being trapped in it again.

As soon as it is dry, you will see that it will give off an immense clean smell and will be able to capture dust without getting soaked in it-a really effective and crazy method to absolutely try!