Clean and Shiny Toilet, this Is the Trick that Even 5-Star Hotels Use…

Thanks to a very effective trick, we will be able to make the toilet bowl clean and shiny, as it is in 5 star hotels. How to proceed. In our homes, we tend to always have every room and piece of furniture as clean as possible without traces of dirt and dust and use products suitable for every surface. However, it happens that some areas of our house cannot be cleaned as thoroughly as we would like, and this causes us great discomfort, especially when we have guests who can sometimes appear suddenly.

Toilet: here’s the trick to clean it like in luxury hotels

One of the dirtiest areas in the house is the bathroom, which, although we wash it even daily due to its daily use, is always messy. But in this case, there is an element of the bathroom that is always dirty due to its constant use and the yellowing that occurs over time, even if we wash it continuously.

We are talking about the toilet that we use for our purposes and therefore often deteriorates or loses its luster and we are forced to polish it daily to make it shiny and clear again. It happens, also due to the silicone, which retains the water, as well as for the taps, that this turns black towards the bottom, forming a black halo that we cannot remove.

We must be careful not to rub too hard to remove this dirt, because we could remove the silicone and damage our toilet, which begins to bubble water, and we would have to call the plumber for help. But not everyone knows that there is a perfect method to make our toilet clean and shiny, and this trick is often used by the maids of five-star hotels to make customers happy.

The process and the natural ingredient

Before using the purchased product to clean the toilet, you need to clean the toilet with toilet paper. Immediately after that, put a spoonful of soda into the toilet, preferably the ecological and multi-purpose toilet. Once this is done, use rubber gloves and make sure that the products do not come into contact with the skin, spray the sanitary cleaning product on a sponge and start rubbing it on every surface of the toilet.

Once the toilet bowl is covered with the product, take a microfiber cloth and dampen it and squeeze it well and put it on the toilet, so that all the previous cleaning product is absorbed. Then cover the toilet bowl and remove all the soda ash with the brush and let it run on the floor. Finally, take a teaspoon of this ingredient and dissolve it in water. Take a cloth for the surfaces and moisten it with the solution and pass it over the toilet seat, so that all residues and excess dirt can be removed.

In this way, our toilet bowl will be absolutely clean and disinfected and will remain shiny for a long time, which will make everyone who uses our bathroom envious and ask us the secret of such thorough cleaning.