How to defrost meat quickly?…

At the last minute, you learn that you’re expecting two more guests for your Sunday meal. Ouch, the meat is completely frozen… what can you do? Don’t panic, you can get out of trouble with our reliable methods for thawing meat quickly in 5, 10, 15 minutes, or even an hour if you have the time. You’ll see, it’s effective and your guests will be delighted!

Freezing food: the golden rules

Nowadays, freezing food has become an automatic gesture, and above all a safe and effective method of preservation. Thanks to the negative temperature, we’re relieved to see that our meat, fish, vegetables or ready-made meals retain their flavor and properties (vitamins and minerals) for several months. It’s an invaluable time and money-saver! When it comes to meat, for example, it’s important to remember that it must be stored in the best possible conditions. There should be as little air as possible in the packaging to avoid bacteria: special freezer bags, plastic containers adapted to low temperatures or vacuum packaging are the best for good freezing. Likewise, to preserve your body, it’s essential to defrost your food scrupulously. High heat can alter the texture, taste and flavor of frozen meat.

How to defrost meat quickly?

Who doesn’t like to have their freezer well stocked with victuals? Chicken breasts, steaks, beef fillets, minced meat… enough to concoct delicious dishes for meat lovers. But after a long, tiring day, or for an impromptu meal, it’s always a good idea to know a few tricks for thawing meat quickly. Want to save time? Discover these simple methods for everyday use!

How to defrost meat in 5 minutes?

Have you heard of the reverse double boiler method? It’s a clever way of defrosting meat in five minutes. Yes, that’s right, in just five minutes! All you need is an airtight bag and two pans.

How do I do it?

  • Once you’ve taken the meat out of the freezer, place it in this resealable plastic freezer bag (don’t consider aluminum foil, it’s not suitable for this trick!).
  • Next, place an empty saucepan face down on the kitchen sink.
  • Then place the meat pouch on the base and, on top, place a second pan filled with hot water.
  • The pressure and heat of this second pan will defrost your meat in five minutes.

Defrosting meat: mistakes not to be made

  • Usually, meat is left to thaw on the counter at room temperature. But, in reality, this is a harmful and even potentially dangerous habit. You’re not safe from bacterial growth, and your meat could become unfit for consumption.
  • Bear in mind that defrosting meat at room temperature is not that effective. This is particularly true of large cuts of meat, which thaw more quickly on the surface, but take much longer inside. So it’s not surprising that your meat is more exposed to microbes, especially at room temperature.
  • Another common mistake to avoid: defrosting meat directly in the pan or in hot water. You’ll often find that this cooks the meat on the outside, while leaving it frozen on the inside.