Here are five reasons why it would be a shame to throw away lemon peels and why you should use not only the pulp.

Once the lemon juice is squeezed, the peel is often thrown away. However, this shouldn’t be the case because lemon peels can be used in various ways. We’ll show you everything you can do with lemon peel.

It’s best to use organic lemons – especially if you plan to use the peel in dishes and pastries. Organic lemons are free from synthetic chemical pesticides.

Thoroughly wash both treated and untreated lemons before consuming them, as they have all traveled a long distance. And of course, when using lemon peel, use the pulp as well.

Reason 1: You Can Preserve Lemon Peels

Even if you don’t need lemon peel immediately, you can easily preserve it. Depending on the intended use, this can be done in different ways: if you want to consume lemon peel, remove the outer layer with a grater. Only grate the yellow skin, as the white part contains bitter substances. For other uses (see below), simply cut the peel into pieces. Alternatively, you can also peel the zest.

Regardless of the chosen method: let the lemon peel air dry for a few days. Spread the peel on a cutting board or cloth and flip it occasionally. Then, you can store it in airtight containers. This way, the zest will stay fresh for at least a few weeks. Another option is to candy lemons or lemon peels. The peel will soften over time, making it easy to consume.

Reason 2: You Can Enhance Dishes with Lemon Peel

Use grated lemon zest to enhance various dishes. This can include vegan cakes, pastries, and desserts, but also sauces or dressings.

Simply add fresh or dried lemon zest to raw batter or sauce, or into the dressing. You can also make your own lemon sugar. Lemon zest adds a fruity and fresh note.

In addition to dishes, you can also enhance drinks with lemon zest. Use the peel for sparkling lemon water or pour it into hot water as tea. In homemade cocktails, lemon zest also adds a fresh note and serves as decoration.

Reason 3: Lemon Peel as a Staple Food Ingredient

You can use lemon zest not only to enhance dishes and drinks but also as the main ingredient for various specialties. Here’s a selection for you:

Lemon oil can be used for recipes such as roasted vegetables or for body care. Candied citron is particularly suitable for Christmas pastries such as vegan gingerbread. Lemon jam is a fruity and sweet bread spread. Lemon pepper seasons food not only spicy but also gives it a fruity touch. Homemade lemon syrup or lemon and ginger syrup has a sweet taste and enhances dishes and drinks. Limoncello is a fruity Italian lemon liqueur.

Reason 4: Lemon Peel as a Cleaner

Lemon zest (and juice) has a descaling effect. That’s why they have long had their place among cleaning products.

By putting vinegar and lemon zest in a container, you can make your own natural all-purpose cleaner. It cleans and leaves a pleasant smell. Refresh your dishwasher with lemon zest. Add the zest to the cutlery basket before washing. This way, you can even replace the rinse aid. By the way, you can also make your own natural rinse aid from natural ingredients.

With lemon zest, you can remove bad odors from plastic utensils such as bowls or cutting boards. Grate the zest onto the affected areas. In the refrigerator also, lemon zest (dried or fresh) removes undesirable odors.

Reason 5: Lemon Peel as Fragrance

Everyone knows: lemons smell intensely and wonderfully fresh. You can use this fragrance in various ways.

You can make your own room fragrance based on lemon zest. Place dried lemon zest in bulk or in a fabric sachet in the closet to fight clothes moths. Ants and mosquitoes also don’t like the smell of lemon. With lemon zest in scented candles or in cleaning water, you can combat them. Here’s how to do it: Scented candle in a jar: make it from leftover candles Give your laundry a special freshness with lemon zest. Simply put the zest in a laundry net or a fabric sachet in the drum of your washing machine. As mentioned above, you can also place lemon zest in the dishwasher. They not only clean but also leave a pleasant lemon scent after washing.