Unhealthy ingredients in lip care: what to look out for?

For many, lip balms are indispensable companions during the cold season. But not all products are equally recommendable. For example, Warentest warns against certain ingredients. For example, some lip care products may contain critical mineral oil components, raising health concerns. Find out here what these substances are, and what you need to watch out for when caring for your lips!

Lip care: mineral oil components and their potential risks

The Warentest Foundation reports that the health effects of “mosh” (mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons) have not yet been definitively established. Nevertheless, these foreign substances accumulate in our bodies. As for “moah” (aromatic hydrocarbons derived from mineral oils), science believes it is possible that they can alter the genetic material of our cells and cause cancer.

Keep an eye on critical ingredients

It’s important to be careful when choosing lip care products. Warentest also recommends avoiding products containing certain ingredients, including kerosene, paraffinum liquidum and petrolatum.

Although the situation has improved since the 2017 test and many manufacturers have adapted their formulas, critical ingredients are still present in some well-known branded products. The testers emphasize, however, that products bearing the natural cosmetics label are consistently recommendable. Added to this is the fact that more and more suppliers are focusing on natural alternatives, such as beeswax.

Unhealthy ingredients in lip care: what to look out for?

In all, Warentest recommends 20 of the 30 lip care products tested. Among those to be avoided because of their mineral oil content are products from Bepanthol, Carmex Classic, Lip Smacker, Neutrogena and Vaseline. On the other hand, natural cosmetics and products from well-known brands such as Labello, Blistex and Bebe are recommended. But it’s always worth taking a look at the ingredients in your products.

Which lip care products are recommended?

Unlike the lip care products mentioned above, there are also a few lip balms we can rely on. There are two lip balms that are natural cosmetics and contain only harmless ingredients.

  • Calendula lip balm by Alverde

This lip balm from in-house brand of natural cosmetics shines with its rich care and plastic-free packaging.

  • Alverde organic chamomile lip care

This lip care stick provides fast relief for dry lips. And it does so without problematic ingredients and at a modest price.

Lip care: essential in winter

It’s precisely during the cold months that many people suffer from chapped lips. This makes proper lip care all the more important. Our tips and tricks will help you avoid harmful ingredients!